Information Skill Training

library2The William Harvey Library in GETEC provides a wide range of information skill courses. These include longer courses with hands on experience, shorter courses explaining how to access resources and the support of journal clubs.  For details about training please contact us on extension 5464, phone 02476 865464 or e-mail

Longer Courses – typically an hour and a half long
Critical Appraisal – To understand research articles usefulness you need to consider its quality, results and applicability to local settings.  This session explains this and put the ideas into practice by appraising a research article using an appropriate checklist. There is also an elearning module on Training Tracker.
Searching Healthcare Database – The covers how to find relevant research articles via databases such as Medline and CINHAL accessible  via the NICE Evidence Search website. There are also elearning modules on e-LfH.
Using NICE Evidence Search (formerly NHS Evidence)As well as NICE Evidence search itself this course covers other high quality resources that can be accessed from the website including the eBNF and electronic journals
Systematic Reviews and the Cochrane Library – This session introduces why systematic reviews are undertaken and the main steps involved with practical examples of using the Cochrane Library to access systematic reviews
How to use Twitter – This session covers the use of this social media tool to communicate and keep up to date.  Coverage includes how to set up an account, send ‘tweets’, follow other users and search for subjects.

Short Courses – usually less than thirty minutes long
BMJ Best Practice – provides an overview of how to access this point of care tool which provides summaries of evidence on clinical topics.  The session will explain how it can be accessed from a computer or mobile device.
Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Procedures – electronic access – explains how to browse and search this evidence based manual of clinical skills
Oxford Medical Handbooks Online – explains how to access, browse and search the Oxford titles that the trust has purchased electronic access to
Full Text of Electronic Journals – this session describes the variety of electronic journals that are available to NHS staff and how to access them both directly and via a biomedical database search
Advanced Google: Tips, Tricks and Quality – this covers some of Google’s advanced features and considers how to assess the quality of information on the internet

Journal Club
Library staff can facilitate a journal clubs for those who are interested.  A suitable paper is selected in advance and then evaluated on the day by using a checklist appropriate for that study design.  If you want the library to assist you in a journal club in your department then please contact us.

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