About the library

2020 Annual Report Infographic.Staffed Times
Monday – Friday 8:30-16:30

24 hours access to the library including computers via your hospital identification badge.  Books can be borrowed using the self-issue machine outside staffed hours.

Who can join the library?
The following groups have full access to the services provided by the William Harvey Library; staff of George Eliot NHS Trust and students whilst they are on placement at George Eliot.  If you wish to use the library but do not fall into any of the above categories then please speak to the library staff.

How do I join the library?
Come to the library and ask for a registration form. You will be able to borrow immediately.
You will be asked for proof of identity, please bring your hospital identification badge with you.

Books and other stock
Users are entitled to borrow eight books at a time and each can be renewed twice.  Loans are for a period of 4 or 1 weeks.  Fines are charged and items can be renewed over the phone or in person.

Literature Searching
Library staff have considerable experience of searching a wide range of biomedical resources.  Please speak to the library staff if you require assistance or if you wish us to undertake searches for the information you require.

Inter Library Loans
Books and articles that are not available in the trust can be obtained from elsewhere.  A form is available from the link on the left to Library Forms.  For copyright purposes the form needs to be signed.  There is a charge for this service.  Please enquire for current pricing.

Printing, Photocopying and Scanning
These services are available via a single machine in the library that is available 24/7.  There is a cost to print and photocopy though medical student and doctors have an allocation of free credits.  Please speak to the library staff about this credits and for the cost of photocopying if you are not entitled to free credits.  Scan are sent to a networked drive.  Again please ask the library staff to assist you with this.

Library Vision
The William Harvey Library service has a vision that information and knowledge will be available to trust staff 24 hours and 7 days a week at their place of work through innovative and creative solutions.  By doing so it supports patient care and public well being by ensuring decision makers have access to evidence of best practice to underpin clinical, management and commissioning decision making, individual learning and workplace development.

Library Standards of Service – available via this  link.  (GEH Computers Only)

Library Annual Report
The William Harvey Library Annual report for 2019 is available via this link. (GEH Computers Only)

Library User Survey
The results of William Harvey Library User Survey for 2019 is available via this link. (GEH Computers Only)


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